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Tamburi Mundi - Rituals (2015)

Rituals  - (self distribution,  2015)

To the 10th anniversary of the  Festival, we proudly present a CD release with concert recordings of the festival 2014, called Rituals. They show off a representative cross section through the existing frame drum traditions from Morocco over India, Italy, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Korea, USA, Mongolia and Germany.

A clapping hands ritual of a Sufi fraternity from musicians of Marrakesh, a prayer to the elephant god Ganesh from the South Indian kanjira master Ganesh Kumar in a virtuous drum fire: the new CD Rituals refers to the close tie that has been existing ever since between frame drums and rituals into the different cultures. The five times Grammy-Award winner and founding father of the frame drum movement Glen Velez (USA) plays a solo on the Riqq and gives the pulse for Loires setting of “Ma Ur.” Sticks and bells are swung by the young percussionists of the bundesbeat ensemble, accompanied by the chant of Paolo Rossetti Murittu (Italy). The Israelian percussionist Yshai Afterman plays rhythmical variations on the Riqq and Mohsen Taherzadeh (Iran) calls Allah in a Persian Sufi song. In a virtuous interaction, the Oud player Saif Al-Khayyat and the expert for historical percussion Nora Thiele, present us Iraqi Maqam music. The Tamburi Mundi festival director Murat Coşkun is-  with Indian clay jugs- the percussive duo partner of the Mongolian singer Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig. Furthermore, he celebrates an inter rhythmical dialogue with the Korean Jang-go artist Juhong Kim, Yshai Afterman and Mohsen Taherzadeh.  

In a play time of 60 minutes, the CD offers 13 pieces of music.


Aissawa-Ensemble (MA) – Percussion: Said Ansari, Abbes Chajaay, Ibrahim Chahoub, Latifa El Ansari, Emin Reman · Yshai Afterman (IL) – Riqq · Saif Al-Khayyat (IQ) – Oud · bundesbeat (DE) – Bundespercussionensemble: Coralie Common, Leon Dorn, Johannes Ellwanger, Aaron Händel, Tom Postel, Nico Wolbert · Murat Coşkun (DE/TR) – Frame drum, Percussion, Vocals · Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig (MN) – Vocals · Juhong Kim (KR) – Jang-go, Vocals · Ganesh Kumar (IND) – Kanjira, Konnakol, Vocals · Loire (Lori Cotler) (USA) – Vocals · Paolo Rossetti Murittu (IT) – Tamburello, Vocals · Mohsen Taherzadeh (IR) – Daf, Tanbur, Vocals · Nora Thiele (DE) – Frame drum · Glen Velez (USA) – Frame drum


Price 15,-€ (plus additional extences 2,50€)

Improvisatioin on Riqq by Yshai Afterman

Ma Ur by LOIRE and Glen Velez

CD Booklet read more ...

Rituals_Booklet.pdf (893.5 KiB)

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