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Multi-Percussion with Santino Scavelli - 29.+30.7.

Multi Percussion- workshop with Santino Scavelli

Time: Monday, 29.07. and Tuesday 30.07.2019 - 16.30 - 18.00 h
Location: E-Werk, Freiburg
Fee: 45,- €



Santino Scavelli

Santino Scavelli, a multi instrumentalist and currently a very demanded musician in the world music scene. He studied percussion in Trossingen with the focus on instruments like drum set, Latin percussion, kettledrum, little drums and xylophone. At the moment he is studying world music at the Popakademie Mannheim and broadens his musical knowledge with Oriental percussion instruments (riqq, frame drum, darbuka, etc.) as well as piano, guitar and oud.

Santino Scavelli plays not only in various world jazz formations, but also in fusion projects and pop- and electronic bands. Just as the cast requires, he changes from drums to Latin percussion. He prefers to arrange his own percussion set ups, creating a unique sound and playing style.

Instruments: different percussion instruments (will be provided)
Content of the course:

How can we combine different percussion instruments, their playing techniques and their relevant rhythms?

In combining different percussion instruments, new dimensions of sound emerge and new rhythmic structures can develop. For example, how to combine a frame drum with the cajón? Or an ocean drum with a cymbal?

We will introduce different approaches and playing techniques for these instruments. Rhythms from different musical cultures will be advanced for your own setup. Furthermore, suggestions and instructions for the development of an own set will be treated.

Language of instructioin:


Level: basic experience in percussion playing


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