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Retrospection of the 13. International Frame Drum Festival Tamburi Mundi from the 27th of July - 5th of August 2018 - GROOVISTAN

Musicians from Italy, Israel, Iran, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, England, Ireland, Portugal, the Netherlands and Syria went on a journey to “Groovistan”- the motto given out by festival director Murat Coşkun- accompanied by their exalted audience.  And it grooved quite a lot in these ten days!

The 38 courses around the topic of frame drums, rhythm and singing were very well attended with 230 participants. The big Tamburi Mundi community was even larger and more international this year! In the heat of the summer in southern Freiburg, we sweated, drummed, learnt, laughed and jammed. Our Night of Drumming was particularly impressing, at the beginning under a clear sky, darkening more and more in the course of the evening and right at the end of this great night of drumming, with a loud clap of thunder, there fell the longtime expected rain!

Thanks to our sponsors (Schlagwerk Percussion and a private supporter), the association also in 2018 granted its promotional award, the Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Award: Christine Hübner and Santino Scavelli, both students of the recently founded world music course of studies at the Popakademie Mannheim, convinced the jury with their wide range on the frame drums and their new approaches in music. The meaning of the word live was accentuated by the two musicians in a terrific award-winner concert, which was supported by visual effects and students of the Popakademie.

This years main lecturers were Reza Samani (Daf and Tombak), Zohar Fresco (frame drums), Nora Thiele (frame drums and riqq), Andrea Piccioni (frame drums and tamburello), Berkant Çakɩcɩ (Turkish rhythms), Matthias Haffner (pandeiro), Paolo Rossetti Murittu (ensemble and tamburello), Dave Boyd (Irish bodhrán) and Philipp Kurzke (frame drum). The afternoon workshops treated topics like rhythm and moves, voice and drums, Persian, Turkish, Arabian, Portuguese and Bulgarian music, Brazilian samba, multi percussion, composing and there was also a frame drum orchestra with 'konnakol' (Indian syllable language) under the guidance of Ramesh Shotham.

The drum fair was again internationally positioned with Majid Drums (D), Yalcinkaya Percussion (TR),  Bruno Spagna (I), David Roman Drums (D) , raw percussion (D), Rui Silva Adufes (PRT), Jacek Zelazek (POL) and Guthschmidt Fußpercussion (D) and many an instrument was tested right on stage and in the courses.

„Where is the land of Groovistan?“ asked the music journalist Stefan Franzen in his concert review. „It is everywhere, where rhythm exists...”, is the answer. Regarding this summer, Groovistan was to be found especially in Freiburg. And the best is: Groovistan does not have any borders!

(Uli Kudla)



Retrospection of the 10. International Frame Drum Festival Tamburi Mundi from the 1st - 9th of August 2015

The worldwide largest festival for frame drums ended in a very spectacular way. 43 concerts with renowned artists and more than 30 workshops to drum and sing together, inspired nearly 5000 drum fans out of the whole world.

The tenth Tamburi Mundi Festival was not only an encounter of the stars of the scene. It was also a meeting of friends, whose hearts are beating for the frame drum- this inconspicuous instrument that is at home in almost every part of the world, uniting people and musical traditions far beyond borders of countries and religions. The festival director Murat Coşkun was visibly happy: “ It was an anniversary celebration that could not be better! We had so many musicians and workshop participants like never before, each of the concerts was an outstanding performance and the atmosphere was exhilarating.”

Many a concert went far beyond its musical message: a benefit concert with very young drummers supported war-affected children from Syria, Persian female musicians, who in their home town are not allowed to play their music publicly on stage, gave a great concert. One concert evening was dedicated to Freiburgs friendship with the city of Tel Aviv.


The biggest echo in the media was evoked by the opening concert Face to Face: Artists from Israel and Iran presented a very touching program which they compiled before all together in Freiburg- it had a very strong message, a message that went far beyond appeal or striking slogans.
The tenth anniversary of the festival was celebrated with many international frame drum artists who had been influencing and accompanying Tamburi Mundi for many years. Thanks to their passion and thanks to their music Tamburi Mundi could grow to what it is today! A very special thanks for his long lasting support and inspiring presence at the festival goes to Glen Velez, the founding father of the modern frame drum movement and patron of the festival. His workshops are still amongst the highlights during the festival, as always they where completely sold out. Also other frame drummers of the first hour celebrated our anniversary with us: Ramesh Shotham, Michael Metzler, David Kuckhermann, Andrea Piccioni and Gilson de Assis. By the way, Piccioni and de Assis together with festival founder Coşkun, in they year 2005 gave the inspiration to the name of the festival with their Tamburo Mundi Trio. Together with other percussionists like Yshai Afterman, Ganesh Kumar, Mohsen Taherzadeh, Maryam Hatef, Suat Borazan, Katharina Dustmann, Paolo Rossetti Murittu, Pere Olivé Aymerich, Rui Silva, Takashi Tajima, Dave Boyd, Philipp Kurzke, Peer Kaliss, Sebastian Flaig, Uta Schilling, Bruno Spagna, Bill Saragosa and Heiner Rico Kirsch, who are also closely linked to the festival for years, they were practicing during the courses, workshops, sessions and concerts this border crossing frame drum music, that is characteristic for Tamburi Mundi!

On these occasions, the incredible versatility of the frame drums was visible and audible: the Oriental Riqq, the North African Bendir, the Arabian Mizhar, the Italian drums Tamburello and Tamorra, the Irish Bodhran, the Spanish Pandaretta, the Portuguese Adufe, the Indian Kanjira, the Persian Daf, the Uzbek Doyra, the Brazilian Pandeiro, own creations like the Japanese Tazy-Drum, the Turkish Davul and a lot more family members of the worldwide frame drum family.

The Tamburi Mundi course system during our festival week is well-tried: the participants can book a course package for two, four or six days and within this package they can choose their specific workshop topic, according to their interests.

For the first time we had this year some short presentations of our instruments exhibitors, who during the lunch break presented their novelties. With Schlagwerk (D), Majid Drums (D), HUBB (TR), Elman Percussion (IL), Al-Duff (P), Yalcinkaya Percussion (TR), Takashi Tajima (J), Bruno Spagna (I) and Bekir Percussion (TR/NL), an international group of instrument makers showed their instruments.

Thanks to Schlagwerk Percussion, we were able to award the Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Award for the second time, with the aim to promote and encourage young and upcoming frame drummers. With the drummer duo BeatBop, alias Jonas Völker und Timo Gerstner, a dignified, freshly funny and very creative awardee was found.

Daily there where up to three concerts of different styles. Pure percussion could be enjoyed during the topic events like Indian Dialogues, Anatolian Drums, Tamburin Men, Handpans, Ibero-Brazil-Connection, the award winner concert BeatBop and the Tamburo Mundi Trio with special guests.

The highly acclaimed, great crossover projects where less puristic, for they where combining frame drums for example with string orchestra, tango, flamenco dance, jazz, baroque and renaissance music. A very impressive concert event was the Long Night of the Drums. All in all a number of 20 international percussionists on five stages presented 5x5 different programs from traditional to contemporary music, finally converging after midnight into the Never Ending Drumming...

And the likewise versatile and witty birthday concert Celebration 10! brought together on stage 21 artists from most different countries like USA, Turkey, India and Japan.

To note: The next Tamburi Mundi Festival will take place from the 30th of July 2016 until 7th of August 2016 at the E-Werk Freiburg.

(Uli Kudla)

Retrospection of the 9th International Frame Drum Festival Tamburi Mundi from 2nd - 10th of August 2014

„Rituals“ in the E-Werk, Freiburg i. Brsg.

The festival is over! Not long ago, the E-Werk was densely populated by colourful, cheerful and noisy participants. Now they are gone. Just shortly after the lecturers and artists had been brought to the train station or the airport, we received the first e-mails:“Thank you, once again it was wounderful!“ The drums are packed, the microphones are stored, the session corner is dismanteled- everything is like as if nothing had happened? Far wrong, for there happened a lot!

I can feel it in my tired legs, but also in this good feeling remembering all those special moments. There was such a lot of music during these last days, an ambiance of contagious good mood, inspite of everything we had to organize. There were so many drum exalted people, short nights, long days and all this was worth it:

Nine deeply impressive concert evenings, 17 concerts (actually 33, as in the Long Night Of The Drums we had concerts on four stages at once, lasting until after midnight), 30 drum workshops where the participants learned, sweated, laughed and grooved. There were courses with frame drum star Glen Velez, some exotic stuff with the Indian master Ganesh Kumar (Kanjira) and with the Portuguese percussionist Rui Silva (Adufe), fully booked beginner's courses with Nora Thiele, cajon courses with the festival director Murat Coşkun and advanced frame drum courses with Yshai Afterman (Israel). Paolo Rosetti taught the Italian Tamburello, Mohsen Taherzadeh the Persian Daf and for the fans of Ireland, Dave Boyd taught some beginner's courses for the Irish Bodhran. The samul nori master Juhong Kim introduced into the world of shaman drumming. The percussionists Philipp Kurzke, Peer Kallis and Heiner (Rico) Kirsch from Freiburg also enriched our lecturers team. More than 50 singers convened into the world music choir project of Lygia Campos. The drumming night under the stars is already a tradition we became fond of. For some of us it is a clandestine highlight: the beating of drums enlightened by torches at the drum parade through the centre of Freiburg. It is a bold and sounding procession under the guidance of Rico and Bill.

This years topic „Rituals“ was the guiding idea of the concerts: During the Moroccan Night some Aissaoua musicians from Marrakesch gave us a fascinating insight into the musical rituals of Sufi fraternities, accompanied by Bendir sounds and an almost ear-battering shawm. The evening of ritual music from Iran, Morocco and the Turkey, Sufi Souls, impressed not only because of the red dressed Derwish dancer Talip Elmasulu.

Also very impressive was the interaction of the diverse Sufi traditions, performed as a great and common celebration of a reunion trough music. The public was very grateful in a sold out E-Werk. It was not by chance that the following evening was guided by the frame drum Daf, for it plays an important role in the Persian Sufi music. Mohsen Taherzadeh once again showed his masterly musicianship, in fact this time with the emphasis on contemplation.

On the same evening, the frame drum guru Glen Velez with his solo concert „Meditations for Frame Drums“ gave an intimate insight into his longlasting relatedness with the frame drum.

Glen The highlight of the festivals topic „Rituals“ was the homonymous concert at the end of the festival week. The list of the frame drummers participating was long: Nora Thiele, Yshai Afterman, Ganesh Kumar, Glen Velez, this years artist in residence Paolo Rosetti, Juhong Kim – just to name a few. The singers Loire and Lygia Campos joined them and we experienced a Korean shaman prayer, a ritual workers song, from Brazil, Capoeira, an Indian ritual dedicated to the Elephant God Ganesh, an Iranian funeral song as well as aspects of a ritual washing. Borders are crossed in a fluent way, one rhythm joins the other and musicians from very different cultures follow together the pulse of the drums- all this turns the Tamburi Mundi concerts ever since into a very special experience. At the beginning of the concert, the public was invited to switch their mobile phones on- and not off- and later on it was the public that should take a bow- instead of the artists. Off course, this made them laugh. These little jokes were in order to illustrate that even a concert evening follows a lot of steady rituals, explains Murat Coşkun.

Again it is amazing that all these Tamburi Mundi concert programs did not exist before- and most likely never will be performed again in this way. „I am talking with the artists before“, explains the festivals director Murat Coşkun, „I tell them about my ideas and all together we advance them. By this means, the musicians engage in an open process. Therefore our encounter here is always very intense.“ So it is not amazing that the rehearsal plan during the festival week is closely spaced and some duo or trio had to rehearse in the basement rooms.

In the basement there also rehearsed the offspring percussion of the festival: bundesbeat, the percussion ensemble of the Bund. Together with their director Johannes Fischer they worked on a program, that a few days later lifted the public from their seats. Modern and challenging beats like Drumming from Steve Reich is shown, but also traditional Korean, Persian and Italian rhythms, performed in a very concentrated way by the offspring drummers, together with the Tamburi Mundi masters Juhong Kim, Mohsen Taherzadeh and Paolo Rossetti. What a prosperous view beyond the horizon!

Also outside the concert rooms people worked, improvised and experimented a lot. Frame drum courses (Riq, Tamburello, Tammorra, Bodhran, Kanjira, Adufe, Daf) for every level with cajon and chants took place- some made their choice because of the teacher, others because of the instrument. In the morning as well as in the afternoon, the courses were well attended with participants coming from all over the world.

Great curiosity and joy of playing unified them. All this forms part of this versatile frame drum family and constitutes this very special and contagious Tamburi- Mundi atmosphere. Between the courses little groups begin to make music, spontaneous sessions take place or there is even plotted a performance for the Tamburi Mundi surprise concert. One year ago on this occasion, the percussion group Radio „Casa São Paio“ had formed. This year they already gave an acclaimed performance on stage and meanwhile produced their first CD!

In the room of the Tamburi Mundi instruments fair there were always a lot of people: New drums were peered, innovations were presented, tested, compared and discussed. This year, eight international instrument makers exhibited their instruments. A unique opportunity to calmly test and to compare handmade master instruments.

Who wants to learn more about Tamburi Mundi finds here on our Website more reports, pictures and films to poke around...

And for those who'd like to participate in this extraordinary frame drum festival: Next year, on the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we will acclaim the Celebration Edition in Freiburg im Breisgau from the 1st - 9th August 2015!

Uli Kudla

Retrospective of the 8th International Frame Drum Festival Tamburi Mundi from the 27th of July - 4th of August 2013

The frame drum festival Tamburi Mundi 2013 in its eighth edition remained true to its orientation to present most versatile frame drum traditions on stage, in workshops and in many spontaneous sessions taking place at the E-Werk. Frame drummers from totally different countries and cultures met again while other instruments as well as vocals and dances were also present. For nine days, frame drum stars and newcomers, filigree technology and ear-splitting power, quiet sounds and pulsing rhythms could be experienced.

Among other, the possibilities were offered to attend a sensational baroque concert, experience a hot Gypsy night, listen to impressive solo artists or newly improvised frame drum orchestras. Murat Coşkun again during this year's festival managed to let the audiences experience his ideas of border crossing encounters in individual concerts and within and throughout the entire festival atmosphere.

Tamburi Mundi is not a previously finished product and is therefore quiet appealing. Since many concerts and artist constellations create an open process of which the results are not already evident until later during the festival week, gives the audience a feeling of having participated and experienced something very special.

Tamburi Mundi e.V. as festival promoter is in retrospective of course very content with the results: With 20 concerts and numerous other activities in which more than 40 courses were offered for different playing levels around the frame drum. More than 80 artists presented a very versatile program. And more than 4500 visitors attended the events of the festival.

First the program courses: Glen Velez, the frame drum legend and not a first time guest at the Tamburi Mundi is a meanwhile regular, and as festival director Murat Coşkun, repeatedly emphasizes a great honour for him personally as well as for the participants of the courses. No wonder were the Glen Velez' several days lasting frame drum courses fully booked almost immediately upon being announced. Master Glen Velez, appeared to feel quiet comfortable in the partly relaxed but at the same time work intensive festival atmosphere. He appeared as guest performer in a few concerts, but one concert evening had solely been dedicated to him, the composer Glen Velez who is meanwhile becoming quite famous especially in the US. During his concert he presented a high carat frame drum orchestra (G. Kumar, Y. Afterman, T. Tajima, N. Thiele, A. Kosimov and M. Coşkun) for which Velez´ played pieces, especially composed for this event.

In addition, frame drum courses for all levels were conducted. With Ganesh Kumar, Nora Thiele, Yshai Afterman and Marla Leigh, the very experienced and valued lecturers led the morning courses. In the afternoons, colourful workshops were offered in a great variety: movement, dance, vocals, Konnakol, improvisation and courses for frame drums from the tamburello up to the Usbekian Doyra. It would go way too far to name all the lecturers.

Three days of experimenting and practicing a drumming voices choir were Loire (Lori Cotler) and her course participants, followed by an exciting performance on the big stage.
The female outnumbering in the course program and on stage was quite obvious this time. Perhaps because of the festival project „The Sound of the Unknown", which was pointed out that the frame drum in most cultures had been a primarily by women played instrument and was therefore closely connected with dance and vocals.

Festival project 2013 „The Sound of the Unknown", and its artists
Eight female drummers and two dancers from various countries worked intensively together during this festival week to track down the unknown and to turn this encounter into an art to be heard and seen. The women's Saturday evening performance was of high quality and touching beauty as well acoustic wise as also in vision. Very inspiring and a gentle convergence, powerful....

Some of these ladies played also in other evening concert formations and were of course also lecturers in the festival's courses and workshops. The Indian Ghatam master, Sukanya Ramgopal reinforced the emphasis on India together with the Kanjira master, Ganesh Kumar. For the Gypsy night was the Darbukka performer, Raquy Danzinger, together with percussionist virtuoso, Mehmet Akatay on stage. The US drummer, Marla Leigh, convinced not only on stage but also in her frame drum courses, and Brazilian Angela Frontera, together with her duo partner Marcio Tubino, performed in a sold out „Brazil Percussion", concert. The two dancers, Gülay Sütçü from Istanbul (Roma-dance) and Bettina Castaño from Sevilla (Flamenco) extended in a wonderful manner the artistic spectrum of the festival and courses. During their highly cheered performance during the church concert „Tamburi Mundi meets Baroque Orchestra Freiburg", proved Bettina Castaño, that not only frame drumming may be wonderfully integrated in this music but also the rhythm strong clatter steps of a master dancer.

What now was the highlight of this year's festival? For myself there were several mountain tops and outstanding moments. One highlight was certainly the latter mentioned Baroque evening with the world famous Freiburg Baroque Consort including Hille Perl and Lee Santana plus the frame drummers, Glen Velez, Murat Coşkun and Pere Olivé with their guests Michel Godard and Maria Ferré. After the concert and while moving around with the audience it became immediately obvious that I was not alone with my enthusiasm. Due to the SWR radio recording it will be possible to listen to this very special concert once more on November 30th.

And then there was GOCOO. Not to be overheard, mighty and masterful and yet radiating did these eleven Taiko drummers from Tokio rocked the E-Werk in Freiburg and moved the audience into standing ovations. Not even festival director, Murat Coşkun, dared to count on such a brilliant final when some weeks ago the festival program went into print.

The quiet sounds offered certainly also beautiful sensations: The duo Yshai Afterman of Israel plus Itamar Erez, enjoyed an enthusiastic audience as did the solo artists Maryam Hatef (Iran) and Takashi Tajima (Japan) in the sold out Kammertheater.

While with the topic „Reading and Music", last year's Tamburi Mundi Festival had entered into a new region, were this year's guests two authors on different evenings. The German-Turkish author, Feridun Zaimoǧlu, read from his novel 'Leyla' and was supported by the frame drum playing of Murat Coşkun. Moroccan Gnawa drummer and Thomas Gundermann accompanied the extraordinary travel tales of Andeas Kirchgäßner who reported of a memorable encounter with music playing snake charmers in Marrakesch.

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi of Iran played as no other and yet, one didn't feel like being in a solo concert but feeling much more as if listening to a whole group of drummers. Flying hands and the prior description of a virtuosity to the highest extent was absolutely correct. Sensational! The applause was accordingly and significant for the enthusiasm of the audience. Noticeable was also the Doyra master, Abbos Kosimov, with his powerful percussion who in his homeland is a recognized star and in the particular music scene an insider tip of long standing.

Tamburi Mundi is a far beyond Germany's borders recognized International Festival. Even the participants are meanwhile travelling from all over to the internationally represented courses. Instrument exhibitors (this year from Spain, Italy, Japan, USA, Germany and Turkey) filled an entire auditorium. At the same time one became aware of the fact how intense the frame drum festival had become part of the culture versatility in Freiburg. Many participation offers, free of charge, a frame program for children and families as well as for people with handicaps, plus an initial evening with a sports drummer group from the Iran partner city, Isfahan. The festival is a constant part of Freiburg's summer, although the heat was causing some moaning this year. The auditoriums were full and there were always encounters with faces one had seen before while on some days it could be decided between four different concerts or visiting all of them.

What is Tamburi Mundi? A meeting of frame drumming stars arousing the interest of the world's experts? A big happening!? A career start-up for young talents!? A "Family Meeting", of the frame drumming scene? A continuous concert event!? Or the sinking into rhythm and sounds? Tamburi Surprise?
I think it's something of everything!

For all of you who would like to know the following: The Festival 2014 will again take place in Freiburg in the beginning of August.

(Uli Kudla)


Looking back to the 7th International Frame Drum Festival Tamburi Mundi from the 27th of July - 5th of August 2012

This year's frame drum festival has most certainly offered one of the most versatile programs since its beginning in 2006. And responsible for it was most likely this year's theme „Crossing Borders". Numerous musical and cultural borders were crossed while an extensive line overlapping programs was offered. The frame drums being sometimes more and other times less in the centre of the event. While the individual concerts were richer in contrast, each evening was provided with its own very special note.

The festival opening was in the classical Tamburi Mundi style with a traditional frame drum program. Plus a special highlight of Italian ecstatic drumming with Italian mask dances and of course fiery virtuous drumming sounds from the ensemble Tamburello Café.

For the first time this year, there were deliberately some "excursions" into contemporary music: when the Norwegian percussion trio SISU presented the audience with entertaining and fascinating moments while integrating a sparkling composition by the Tactician master drummer, Sattor Fozilov into their modern program. And again, when Isao Nakamura and Joss Turnbull presented their quiet and intimate, yet full of energy sounds.

New was the theme Reading and Music. The author of „Sams", Paul Maar, created jubilation among the audience when he personally read from his book „The Flying Camel", being accompanied by the Capella Antiqua Bambergensis and numerous frame drummers, among other Murat Coskun, Maryam Hatef and Mohsen Taherzadeh. The latter performed as Artist in Residence in many projects and introduced among other his project "Merasim Percussion Trio".

Two evenings were reserved for regional concerns: The Kaiserstuhl Percussion Ensemble (Director Friedemann Stert) an excellently playing ensemble attended the festival and met here festival frame drummers like Philipp Kurzke or Mohsen Taherzadeh. The director of the Freiburg Accordion Orchestra, Volker Rausenberger conducted the unique project:„Accordion Orchestra meets Frame Drums". They interpreted compositions from Bartok to Abou Khalil. Certainly one of the most extraordinary constellations of this year's Tamburi Mundi Festival.

Jazz sounds were presented by the ensemble FisFüz. The American percussionist, Raquy Danziger who resides in Istanbul experienced her very successful German debut at the Tamburi Mundi Festival. Tamburi Mundi goes America was another unusual and unique project: N. Scott Robinson from the US assembled during the festival week a few top class frame drummers and created the „Frame Drum Circus", with among other the newcomer from Israel, Yshai Afterman, with whom the audience in Freiburg was very positively impressed. During the Dance Evening, titled „Crossing Borders", traditional Indian dances (Shany Mathew) encountered contemporary dances with African elements (Henry Motra). An intensive evening, very expressive and of imploding energy where at the end the audience was able to dance to the music of more than 30 live frame drums in the auditorium of the E-Werk.

The big „Saturday evening concert" led this year again into the traditional "Summit of the Frame Drummers". It was conducted by Ramesh Shotham and included on stage drummers from Korea, Tactician, USA, Iran, Israel, Brazil, India, Italy and Germany. Another highlight was the solo drumming by Carola Grey and the breathtaking presentation of the Korean percussion ensemble, Noreum Machi.

Vocals and frame drums were in focus two times this year: For once the Norwegian songs by Oyonn Groven Myhren accompanied by the Norwegian Shaman drum „Runartrumma", with which she enchanted and transposed the audience into another world. And second, the Brazilian singer, Lygia Campos in combination with Brazilian percussion (Gilson de Assis) and Italian drummer (Andrea Piccioni). The applause for this final concert on Sunday was ecstatic.

For the first time during this Festival 2012 and in co-operation with the Schlagwerk-Percussion company, a Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Award was awarded. Winner of the at the festival live competition was the Spanish frame drummer, Pere Olivé Aymerich. The Family concert, numerous courses for children as well as the free of charge participating activities like the drumming parade or drum circle were an enormous force of attraction for many families. And whoever was able (or allowed) to stay up longer could participate in the nightly sessions and the „Drumming in the night", under stars in Freiburg's Stadtgarten. Completed was the program by the Tamburi Mundi instrument exhibition which has meanwhile become although a small but a world-wide very valued expert exhibition for frame drums.

Next to 20 concerts and numerous other activities, more than 50 courses were again conducted this year for various playing levels and various themes around the frame drum. During this year's nine days, more than 100 artists presented a widely ranged program to an enthusiastic audience. The concerts were well attended and the number of visitors amounted to more than 4500 for the entire events. For the first time, the Festival 2012 received next to the city sponsoring also a contribution from the state Baden-Württemberg and is now cooperating with such international institutions as the Carl-Schurz-Haus in Freiburg.

For all of you who are interested: The Tamburi Mundi Festival is on tour in Austria on the 26th and 27th of April 2013 at the Festspielhaus St. Pölten and will be presented again in Freiburg from July 27th until August 4th in 2013.

Ulrike Kudla

Looking back on the 6th International Frame Drum Festival Tamburi Mundi from the 31st of July - 7th of August 2011

A successful dialog of rhythms

I am extremely pleased with the success of the past frame drum festival. It was certainly one of the most exciting versions since the beginning of the Tamburi Mundi Festival. The continued co-operation between the artists was especially effective this past year with the „Festival on tour-project", already staged in spring at the Festspielhaus St. Pölten. An extensive program with drums, dance and vocals was performed with a colourful and lively variety of frame drums presented with humour and full of energy.

The highlight was certainly the co-operation project 'Rhythms in Dialog', especially worked out for this year's festival. Under the leadership of Kim Ju Hong of South Korea and Murat Coşkun, a concept for a very special encounter of music cultures had been created. Korean Samul Nori percussionists came as artists in residence to the Tamburi Mundi Festival for a stay of six weeks. Starting point was the Korean Samul Nori Music with a „dialog-partner" of foremost frame drums as well as dance and vocals of Turkish, Persian and Arabic regions.

From improvisations new compositions and choreographs were created while the traditional melodies were separated from their original context, sounds and movements were isolated and assembled again in a new musical definition. The result was presented in a brilliant concert by as many as 14 musicians and dancers with lyric and powerful moments at the totally sold out auditorium of the E-Werk.

Tamburi Mundi always tries to overcome musical and at the same time cultural hurdles by bringing borders and barriers into relation with music encounters. So this year again, musicians from Israel (Elias Habib) met musicians from Freiburg's partner town, Isfahan (Mohsen Taherzadeh). It turned out to be a meeting of absolutely no dividing but only connecting elements.

For the first time at a Tamburi Mundi Festival, an entire evening was dedicated to female drummers. The Iranian drummer, Maryam Hatef and her American colleague Marla Leigh, plus Nora Thiele from Berlin were the „Lady Drummers" – resulting in so much more than merely a meeting of female musicians. The evening's concert was rounded up by three additional female musicians.

The unfolding medieval sounds by the ensemble 'A Chantar' in the Christuskirche created sounds and an atmosphere of great auditory pleasure. The lighted candles and the deep frame drums of Murat Coskun seemed to melt with the crystal clear voice of the ensemble founder Regian Kabis. Sensitively and yet full of energy, the three instrumentalists Manuela Mohr (flutes), Marc Lewon (lutes and vocal) and Baptiste Romain (fiddle and bagpipe) presented Spanish medieval music inside the Christuskirche. Guest musician was Michael Metzler with his brilliant castanets playing.

Next to these larger productions, smaller and intimate concerts were also staged at the Tamburi Mundi. During the „Tamburi Mundi Special" concerts, individual musicians like Suat Borazan, Michael Metzler, Gilson de Assis and David Kuckhermann could be experienced with their solo contributions. Highlight was the solo concert of Carlo Rizzo who transposed his audience into amazement and enthusiasm.

This year's family concert with Tak and his journey, the numerous courses for children plus the free of charge participating activities like the drum train or drum circle attracted many families to Tamburi Mundi. And whoever was able (or allowed) to stay up longer could participate in the nightly sessions and the „Drumming in the Night", below the stars in Freiburg's Stadtgarten.

In 2011 we enjoyed again numerous co-operations as for example with the Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim where Tamburi Mundi, three days prior to the festival in Freiburg, the concert auditorium was in ecstasy with some selected musicians and dancers. Additional co-operations were with the Senior Residence and the Penal Institution in Freiburg where Tamburi Mundi guests appeared with a special program. Also the newly created series Tamburi Monday at the E-Werk with frame drum sessions and open stage was well accepted.

An important component of the festival, were the courses and workshops. Again this year, more than 50 courses for various playing levels pertaining to different topics around the frame drum were conducted. The Tamburi Mundi instrument exhibition added the final touch to the festival. It has meanwhile become a small but world-wide a very important trade fair for frame drums. Instrument exhibitioners from countries like USA, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Italy, France and entire Germany came to Freiburg's E-Werk where they were able to demonstrate their newest instruments during the entire festival in their own exhibition area.

I am very happy about the constant increase of fans for the Tamburi Mundi Festival. The festival has meanwhile a leading role and its accents are pointing the way within the international frame drumming scene. Certainly proven with the concerts at the Tamburi Mundi Festival, the work-shops at the „Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Academy" or finally with the successful „Tamburi Mundi-International" events in Italy, Austria and Turkey. From its original point, the festival is radiating into the world, bringing the international frame drumming culture closer together.

Continuation is very important and I foremost extend my sincere gratitude to the wonderful audience and the participants of our courses, to the musicians who support this festival and to the promoters and sponsors of the festival, the Culture Department and the E-Werk of Freiburg as well as my great team and the honorary helpers! I am extremely happy and very grateful that for the first time this year, the city of Freiburg has supported the festival with an institutional contribution and I sincerely hope that the location for the festival in Freiburg is now secured.

I hope the festival week of 2012 from July 28th until August 5th will turn out to be a great and successful event!

Murat Coşkun

Tamburi Mundi "Mini Edition", 4th - 8th August, 2010, Wodan Hall

In his own modest way, Murat Coskun had announced that the 5th international festival for frame drums would have to be postponed one year to 2011. Renovations in E-Werk, the venue of the 2008 and 2009 festivals prevented a festival in the usual big style. Therefore the "Tamburi Mundi Mini Edition 2010" as mini Event in the Wodan Hall?
Far from it. In retrospective, the Mini Edition would have easily passed as the 5th "real" festival. The reason being is that the accumulation of concentrated percussive energy in the workshops and in the concerts was top quality.

For a rousing concert-start, the Korean Samul Nori ensemble "Noreum Machi" whirled through the auditorium of the St. Ursula Gymnasium, the only concert-place outside the Wodan Hall.

The following evening came "Les haulz et les bas", medieval music with a big cast, which also inspired non-medieval listeners with enthusiasm because of its versatility.

The Friday evening concert announced as "Night of Solo Drummers" dazzled through the phenomenal drumming arts of Morteza Ghasemi, Joss Turnbull, Murat Coskun and Michael Metzler. (Murat's piece "Mohammeds hands" would incidentally have also fitted in loosely at a festival for contemporary music, as a composition for electric massage-mat and percussion for eg.).

As a final concert on Saturday evening the Tamburi Mundi trio with Murat, Andrea and Gilson, plus guests Cheikh Kane and Michael Metzler. The usual suspects one could think, yet however the audience who in the meantime has been pampered with 5 years of frame drum festivals is fascinated by the continuous new playing ideas of the musicians that master the entire repertoire from quiet meditative to slapstick comedy.

Also in the workshops, with a maximum of 4 parallel running courses more manageable than in the previous years, the usual high Tamburi Mundi quality was again demanded from the participants. The Location, three rooms on the Areal of the Wodan Hall (and with beautiful weather as well as the beer garden in front) and in the Piano-House Lepthien around the corner was simple and pleasant. As the lending of instruments once again worked smoothly thanks to the support of Anklang Musikwelt and Schlagwerk, everybody was content with the "new" localities.

In addition: many new faces among the participants and the concert-goers, as well as the workshops for kids and the family concert seemed to attract a new generation of frame drum enthusiasts. Whoever couldn't last any longer could of course receive advice from the Anklang Musikwelt stand and take one or the other exclusive frame drum home. Many also appreciated the special, relaxed mood in and around the Wodan Hall, which was also clearly perceptible from musicians as well as listeners and participants.

Summary: We have achieved a completely successful festival with the Mini Edition 2010 which conveyed the feeling of being a part of a great event through the wonderful concerts and the familiar good workshops. In this sense: Tamburi Mundi will also be THE festival in the future for friends of creative (frame drum -) music, whether in E-Werk, in the Wodan Hall or somewhere else.  


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